The first two work permits issued by Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
Updated: 2017-04-25

On April 21th, Dr. Raymond Joseph Hoffmann from the USA, graduated from Oxford University, now teaching in Zhejiang Sci-tech University, and Dr. Cosimo Marino from Italy, now working in Hangzhou IVECO Automobile Transmission Technology Co. Ltd., received their work permits of People’s Republic of China, from Mr. Li Yong, the director of Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. They expressed their satisfaction towards the work atmosphere, cultural environment and the government services in Zhejiang.

According to Mr. Li Yong, implementing the work permit system contributes to establishing a more open and competitive talent-introduction mechanism. As the department in charge of management and services for foreign experts, Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs is committed to introducing foreign talents from all over the world. Zhejiang provincial government is currently carrying out the key reform named “At-most-one-time Presence” to ease the administrative examination and approval, which means the applicants will have to show up once at most to finish the application procedure. Zhejiang Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs shall provide fast and efficient services to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

The new work permit collects basic information of foreigners such as name, gender, nationality, date of issue, issuing authority etc., and marks the category and life-time “Work permit number” of foreigners in China. Scanning the QR-code on the work permit enables the access to more detailed information, such as passport number, employer, etc..